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About Cayucos

Like everyone who falls in love with Cayucos, former Chamber of Commerce President, Breck Smith remembers the first time he saw this picturesque town. Coming up Highway 1 from Santa Barbara, he rounded that now familiar curve leaving Morro Bay, and was captivated by the view. The white-capped waves crashing on the sparkling Cayucos shoreline demanded his attention. The soft green hills shimmered in the golden sunlight, and Breck knew he would one day call Cayucos home. If he could just turn his eyes away from the beautiful scene long enough to watch the road. That was back in 1971, and though much has changed since then, Breck still talks about the thrill of rounding that curve. The town has grown, but the open beach still beckons the weary traveler to take rest on its blissful shores.

A quiet town, Cayucos invites folks to slow down, smell the ocean air, pick up sand dollars and never take life for granted. The broad main street recalls the days of stagecoaches and cowboys, and the Saloon is still the best place for after-hours drinks. The livery station gave way to Nelson's Garage, but the Cayucos Barbershop still keeps coiffures in order. Cayucos is a town in tune with its past, but also preparing for its future.

Cayucos is the number one destination on the central coast for antique shoppers.

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